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2008 Tidewater Traverse 15-18 hour NIGHT Race
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Additional Race Information

Date & Time: Saturday June 28th, 2008 @ 8:00pm  thru Sunday June 29th @ 1:00pm


Holding true to it's name, the Tidewater Traverse will navigate throughout the Hampton Roads region. To keep the race competitive and challenging, the exact location will be kept secret. Team Captains will be notified of the race start one week prior to the race in the final Captains Communication.

Brief Description:  

HRAdventure is continuing the tradition of holding challenging and exciting adventure races with the 2008 Tidewater Traverse. This year's Tidewater Traverse course is completely new utilizing some great new landscape. The 2008 TT promises a nighttime adventure with 60+ miles of challenging yet obtainable backcountry navigation, single track mountain biking, paddling, ropes course, and a few other twists.


Trekking - 10-15 Miles
Paddling - 10-15 Miles
Biking - 30-40 Miles
Orienteering throughout...
Ropes Course!  No certifications will be required.

Race Fee:

Early registration is $100.00 per racer. Early registration ends June 5th.
After June 5th registration will increase to $120.00 per racer.
Registration closes June 14th.
The TT is expected to sell out quickly. Please don't wait to reserve your team spot!

Team Composition:
2, 3, or 4 person teams in the male, female, or coed categories.

Support Crew:

Due to expansive area covered, the 2008 Tidewater Traverse will require a support crew. Semi-Support is available to teams on a first come, first serve basis. For cost and specific details for this semi-support offer please contact Paul with Liquid Lessons (757) 617-1106 or email


Teams will be required to provide their own watercraft. Canoes and kayaks are both permitted. Kayaks are the recommended watercraft for this race. Boat rental contact information: Paul with Liquid Lessons (757) 617-1106 or email

Race Check-In:

Race check-in will be held between 5-8 pm on Saturday June 28th. The check-in location will be announced one week prior to the race start.

Mandatory Gear:

**GPS devices are not permitted**

All individual team members must have the following at all times while racing:
Rain Coat (poncho NOT sufficient)
Emergency Blanket
Headlamp with Spare Batteries
Reflective Tape: 6" in length to be worn on pack
One 12 Hour Illumination Stick

All teams must carry the following at all times while racing:
Cell Phone
First Aid Kit (minimum contents listed below)
Pen or pencil
Two Emergency Handheld Flares

All individual team members must also have the following during biking legs:
Mountain bike (road bikes not permitted)
Bike helmet
Front mounted bike light (white)
Rear mounted bike light (red)
Reflective Tape (to be worn on helmet)
One Spare Tube

All teams must also carry the following during biking legs:
Bike repair kit (such as patch kit, tire levers, extra tubes)
Tire pump or CO2 inflator

All teams must provide their own watercraft:
Boat rental contact information: Paul with Liquid Lessons (757) 617-1106 or email

All individual team members must also have the following during paddling legs:
PFD’s (Coast Guard approved type 3 minimum, non-inflatable)
12 Hour Illumination stick or safety light attached to PFD

All teams must also have the following during paddling legs:
Bailer or Bilge Pump
Throw Bag (30' or longer)
One GREEN Illumination Stick fixed to the bow (front) of each boat
One RED Illumination Stick fixed to the stern (rear) of each boat

First Aid Kit Minimum Contents:
antibacterial ointment
3 adhesive bandages (Band-Aids, etc)
3” ace bandage
3 doses of anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen, etc)
3 doses of anti-histamines (Benadryl, etc)

Registered Teams:

3-Person Team Coed Captain Oblivion and Co.
2-Person Team Coed Filthy Pair
4-Person Team Coed Godzilla
2-Person Team Coed Isotopes
2-Person Team Coed Mudskippers
3-Person Team Coed My People Don't Run
3-Person Team Coed Not Your Average Threesome
2-Person Team Coed Team GoofyAss
3-Person Team Coed Titanium Fire Hammer
2-Person Team Coed To Be Determined
3-Person Team Coed Too Many Kids
4-Person Team Coed Untamed Adventure
4-Person Team Coed Yeren ASR - Al Ataque!
3-Person Team Coed Yeren ASR 1

2-Person Team Female Are we There Yet?
2-Person Team Female Clip & Clipless

2-Person Team Male Adventure Family TB-RDU
2-Person Team Male Bad Chicken
2-Person Team Male Beagle
2-Person Team Male Crash & Splash
2-Person Team Male Crawl if we must
3-Person Team Male Dagger
3-Person Team Male Encompass Adventure
2-Person Team Male Fighting Nutrias
4-Person Team Male Gellin Like Magellan
4-Person Team Male Ground and Pound
2-Person Team Male JAG Offs
3-Person Team Male Misguided (formerly SDD)
3-Person Team Male No-Slack
2-Person Team Male Off the Chart
3-Person Team Male Orion
2-Person Team Male Relentless Pursuit
2-Person Team Male Shandygaf
2-Person Team Male Team Punishment
2-Person Team Male Trail Dogs
3-Person Team Male Yeren ASR-To Be Determined

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