Storm the Eastern Shore Adventure Race

Update #1 September 9, 2011
Update #2 September 14, 2011
Update #3 September 19, 2011
Team list – Updated September 19, 2011

The Storm the Eastern Shore Adventure Race will be held on September 24th, 2011. This years race will have a 30 hour time limit.

Location: Cape Charles, VA


  • September 24th – September 25th, 2011
  • 30 Hour course: 9AM – 3PM (Over night)
  • Check in will be available at least 3 hours before race start

Maps: Race maps will be 1:24k and 1:30k topo maps. UTM plotting is required on both map scales. Other supplemental maps will also be provided at various scales.

Registration: Closed. Contact if you’d like to race. We may be able to work something out.


Before June 15th Before September 1st On September 1st and later
Soloist $170 $190 $210
2 Person $300 $340 $380
3 Person $450 $510 $570
4 Person $600 $680 $760

Race details:

  • 30 Hours of nonstop, unsupported adventure racing
  • 15-25 miles of trekking
  • 60-80 miles of mountain biking
  • 25-35 miles of paddling
  • 100% map and compass navigation
  • Qualify to win Untamed NE entry
  • Earn Checkpoint Tracker Series Points


  • Solo (Experienced racers only)
  • 2 Person Coed
  • 2 Person Male
  • 2 Person Female
  • 3-4 Person Coed
  • 3-4 Person Male
  • 3-4 Person Female

Gear bins: Each team is allowed one general use gear bin.  This gear bin will be moved around the course by race staff.  The purpose of the bin is for your team to store race food and any other supplies you may need.  There is a 30 gallon limit to the size of your bin.  Expect to go 10 hours without seeing your gear bin. Each team will also need a bag to store paddling gear.  The bag should be able to store your entire teams PFDs, kayak skirts, bailers, throw rope and paddles.  Paddle poles may stick out of the bag, but nothing else.

What you get:

  • A well thought out race with checkpoints placed correctly
  • Waterproof maps and race instructions
  • Race shirt (if registered 3 weeks before race day)
  • Post race food
  • Future race discounts and race gear as prizes for top finishers per division

Mandatory gear: This gear must be carried during the entire race.

  • Individual gear
    • Compass
    • Water and food for the duration of the event
    • Whistle
    • Rain jacket
    • Fleece/wool/synthetic top
    • Fleece/wool/synthetic hat
    • Personal light (headlamp, flashlight)
    • 2x 12 Hour Illumination sticks (one tied to your PFD)
    • Mountain Bike (no road bikes allowed)
    • Bike lights. White in front and red in back
    • Bike helmet (when on bike)
    • Spare bike tube (when on bike)
    • PFD Coast Guard approved type 3 minimum, non-inflatable (when paddling)
  • Team gear
    • Cell phone
    • First aid kit (minimum contents listed below)
    • Pen or Pencil
    • Tire pump: manual or CO2 (when on bikes)
    • Bike tool (to be carried on bikes for minor repairs)
    • Kayaks for your team (Sit in with spray skirts recommended. No canoes)
    • Two 12 Hour illumination sticks per boat. One tied to the bow, one tied to the stern.
    • Paddles (1 or 2 blade are okay)
    • Bilge pump or bailer (in boat)
  • First Aid Kit minimum contents
    • Antibacterial ointment
    • 3 adhesive bandages
    • 3″ ACE wrap or equivalent
    • 3 doses of anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen, etc)
    • 3 doses of anti-histamines (Benadryl, etc)
    • tweezers


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