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The region known as Hampton Roads

Hampton Roads The region known as Hampton Roads
is located in the southeast of Virginia, on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay , the Atlantic Ocean, and the James River. The region is home to 1.6 million people and is the 27th largest metropolitan marketplace in the United States.

 2008 STORM Islanders

Ripe for Adventure!!!

Virginia has over forty thousand square acres of beaches, mountains, rivers, lakes, bays, swamps, reservoirs, and caverns! A natural wonderland with two million acres of public land and several MAJOR mountain ranges offering over a thousand miles of trails . Then we have the Chesapeake Bay, which is the largest coastal estuary in the United States. Plus, four thousand caverns and several reservoirs that have been formed by flooding complete towns. You want stunning wilderness? Virginia has stunning wilderness! You want adventure? Virginia is RIPE FOR ADVENTURE!

HR Adventure has been holding events throughout Hampton Roads since 2004. Check out the Past Events to see our previous years races…