Storm Update #3

September 19, 2011 by Chris 

Hello again Storm Racers! Here is your final update before the race:

1. Team list: The team list has been updated with all 22 registered teams. I’ve sold out of all of the maps I ordered, so the starting lineup is set. I’ll still allow teams to add team members until Thursday the 22nd.

2. Mandatory gear updates: Every racer must carry one US quarter ($.25) on the race course. You will know when to use it when you get there.

3. Gear attached to bikes: You may attach helmets, bike shoes, water bottles, bike tools to your bike as long as they are all securely attached to it. Anything that falls off your bike during transport (inside a 24 foot truck) will be left in a pile for racers to identify. We will not sort through your gear if it falls off.

4. Maps/plotting: I mentioned before that no points would be plotted before the race starts. That is actually not true. You will need to plot 1 point before the race starts on a 1:30k scale topo map. The rest of the points can be plotted at the first major transition area about 8-12 hours into the race. You will use a variety of maps during the race. Expect to have Topo maps (scales 1:30k, 1:24k, 1:15k), satellite imagery, and what I’d like to call a “pirate treasure map”. The pirate treasure map would just be a hand drawn map, not to scale, with various distinct objects on it. Instead of finding treasure at the X’s, you’ll find O-flags…

5. Gear bins: You will have access to gear bins at two locations during the race (and twice at one of the locations). Please plan on racing up to 12 hours at a time without bin access.

6. Stores on course: You will pass some stores, fast food, gas stations, etc on course. They are all fair game. Don’t forget to carry money!

7. Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel: The CBBT has been known to restrict access to vehicles that have boats and bikes on racks if it gets windy. My recommendation is to show up early (on Friday) just in case.

I’ll see you all on Saturday!


4 Responses to “Storm Update #3”

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  2. Ieda on April 4th, 2015 1:10 am

    Oh no! I don’t know what happened but you aren’t alone – soitmemes even with the best training we have a bad race day. If you look back to January on my blog, you’ll see my lousy experience at RNR AZ marathon, which I was SO trained and SO ready for. All you can really do is look forward to the next thing. Feel better soon.

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