Storm Update #1

September 9, 2011 by Chris 

Hello Storm Racers!

The Storm is only 2 weeks away! It is time for your first update!

1. Race Check-in: The race check in location will be Shelter #1 at Kiptopeake State Park and will be available 3 hours before race start.

2. Gear bins: I do not expect racers to put water in their race bins. I will provide water on the course whenever you have access to your bins (and maybe a couple other times too). You may put fluids in your bin if you choose, but I wouldn’t worry about water.

3. Portage: Yes, there will be some portaging as part of this race. The exact amount will be based on team navigation choices and weather. Expect at least 1/2 mile, but could be as far as 2 miles if you choose to. I recommend bringing a good set of portage wheels.

4. Race timing: I expect top teams to finish this course in 24 hours. This should leave plenty of time for most teams to finish the full course.

5. Biking: Most of the biking will be on paved roads. You must bring a mountain bike. No road bikes or cyclocross bikes please.

6. Untamed NE Series Points:

1 Sunglasses at night 27
2 Team Punishment 22
3 Untamed adventure 18
4 Team Trailblazers 18
5 Adventures for the Cure 18
6 Odyssey Adventure Racing/ 16
7 16
8 Factory Refurbished 14

7. Rental Boats: Rental boats are still available from Southeast Expeditions. Tandems are $100 and solos are $75. Contact them directly to make your reservation (make sure to mention the race): 757-331-2680

Questions? I’ll see you all in two weeks!


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