Storm prep

September 21, 2011 by Chris · 13 Comments 

It’s been awhile since I posted something on the Splash Blog part of this website, so I figured now is as good of time as any to do something about it!

I got a phone call two days ago from our shirt printer letting me know that Zorell did not have the quantity of shirts I wanted in the color I needed! Ahhhh!!! Zorell offered the same shirt with a pocket as a free upgrade. Who wants a tee shirt with a pocket? No me! I had to switch to 100% cotton tee shirts. I’m totally bummed abut it because I really like the weight and feel of the Zorell Z100 shirts compared to the typical cotton shirt. Oh well…

I spent most of today preparing the longer of the two off trail (well, 50% off trail) orienteering sections for the Storm the Eastern Shore Adventure Race. I woke up to rain, but it cleared off by 10:30am and it turned into a really nice day of trekking. 14 more o-flags are now in place and ready for Saturday, (or will the racers be there Sunday?)

I’m not sure if the rain brings out the chiggers and seed ticks, but I saw tons of them. Good thing I loaded up with 40% deet! I remember looking down at my gaiters multiple times and saw 100 little specks moving around! Now I’m out of the woods, showered, and bug free! I think the deet did the trick because I don’t feel any bites or itching. If you are racing this weekend, don’t forget your bug spray (and carry one with you too).

Tomorrow morning I get to go out on the major paddle/trek/portage for the race to set those flags(with volunteers “Double Trouble”). Last two times I went out there I used zero bug spray and saw zero ticks or chiggers. I won’t have to worry about the bugs, but I will have to worry about the rain. I think it is going to really come down on us tomorrow! What would “Storm the Eastern Shore” be without a little rain though? Do any of you remember the 2006 Storm the Eastern Shore race when it poured on us hard when we were on Mockhorn Island? That was the best!

Volunteer needed for Boy Scouts orienteering training

March 22, 2011 by Chris · Leave a Comment 

The Colonial Virginia Council of the Boy Scouts of America will be holding a Powder Horn training session on April 3rd.  Can you help them by providing some orienteering training?  If so, contact me ( as soon as possible.  If you can do it, I’ll give you a free entry into the SPROUTE!



March 18, 2011 by Chris · Leave a Comment 

Only 3 weeks left until the SPAR adventure race.  There are currently 35 teams registered and ready to show up at the starting line, are you on one of them?  I’ve updated the race location on the website.  The race will be held at York River State Park near Williamsburg, VA.  There are still a few weeks left to register, but shirt orders are going out next week so if you want one, get your registration in now.


Urgent! Looking for teammate and support person for NGAR

March 7, 2011 by Chris · Leave a Comment 

Team Hampton Roads Adventure is scheduled to race in the 30 hour NGAR this weekend and we lost our support crew and one teammate.  Anyone interested in joining us please let me know asap  (  The entry fee is covered.  We leave on Friday morning (March 11th) and come home on Monday (March 14th).  The ideal solution is a racer that has a spouse that could travel with us to move our gear.  We are not looking to win, just finish so you do not have to be the fastest, fittest racer out there (I’m not).


Win Untamed New England Entry

February 19, 2011 by Chris · Leave a Comment 

Breaking news!  We will be offering a free entry into the 4 day Untamed New England 2012 Adventure Race as a prize in 2011!  Check out the full details here:


2011 Race Schedule

January 11, 2011 by Chris · 3 Comments 

The 2011 race schedule has been posted under the Race HQ!  HR Adventure will knock your socks off with the 4 ADVENTURE RACES we have planned for you in 2011.  We hope to see each and every one of you out there racing with us!  More details on each race will be posted shortly.


Hiking the AT

September 2, 2010 by Chris · 1 Comment 

I’ll be out of town Friday to Monday hiking the AT between the James River and I-64(Northbound). My email/message board responses will be very slow during this time. If you have an urgent question, your best bet is to start at I-64 heading south until you run into me ;-)


Untamed NE

August 6, 2010 by Chris · Leave a Comment 

I’m all packed up and ready to leave the house to travel to New Hampshire for Untamed NE. I’ll be up there to play on the course for a few days and then staff a few checkpoints. I’m sure I’ll see a few of you out there! If you need something from me I’ll be online every other day or so.


OC cleanup

August 1, 2010 by Chris · 7 Comments 

It took Mark Ross (Factory Refurbished) and I about 3 hours 20 minutes to clear the flags off the course today (including the 15 minutes we spent at CP 39 looking for shells). We cheated and used mountain bikes, and I didn’t cross between way-points 5 & 6 into the mud. It still rained on us the whole time though if that helps. I’ll work on the scoring tonight and tomorrow. I think results will be up by tomorrow night sometime.

So, I’m thinking about doing it again at another park in mid November (maybe the 20th). Who is interested?


Notes from the course test

July 26, 2010 by Chris · Leave a Comment 

I had a couple of the Richmond ASR guys out to do some Orienteering Challenge course testing on Sunday. The final leg (most difficult, 1:24k topo) took them about 3 hours to complete. They walked almost the whole way (90% is off trail), but did not make any major navigation mistakes. I’d estimate that a fast team that runs more can complete that section in about 2 hours if they do not make any navigation errors. I think each of us came out of the woods with one tick, not as bad as I expected. If it is as hot next weekend as it was this weekend you will want plenty of water. There is no potable water at the park!

We also discovered in the root ball of a large tree that there were hundreds of fossils and shells. Some of the shells were larger than my hand (fingers included)! So while you are racing, look for the downed tree 10 feet from CP39 if you want some fossils!


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