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Hampton Roads Adventure is a volunteer not-for-profit organization dedicated to bringing affordable and accessible adventure racing to the Mid-Atlantic region. We are group of friends motivated by a shared passion for the sport of Adventure Racing. Our mission statement is simple: Organize quality, affordable, and challenging adventure races in order to promote the sport and share the adventure. Whether you race, volunteer, support us thru partnerships, or enjoy HRA adventures from afar, we thank you for being a part of what makes us who we are!

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Adventure Racing is the Ultimate Sport???

Adventure Racing is a multi-discipline sport requiring teams to navigate their way through challenging terrain using nothing more than a map, a compass, and their wits. Adventure Race teams must travel together throughout the entire competition whether they are trekking, paddling, biking, and even while ascending the face of a mountain.

Adventure Races are a true test of physical endurance, mental tenacity, heart, and teamwork regardless if it is a sprint race lasting 6 hours or an expedition race lasting several days. There is no other sport that delves as deeply into the human experience. Adventure racing is life to the fullest!!


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